Strategic Marketing...
It's About Linking the Benefits We Can Deliver
With Potential Partners Who Want to Have Them.

Marketing is one of the three cornerstones of a Full Access vision. We all can expand our impact withing the limited resource base we have, by working harder, better, smarter. But there's a limit. To go beyond a certain point, we have to reach out to new funders, new partners, new "customers" for what we do.

Marketing is more than advertising and traditional fundraising. It's all about making linkages between what we can deliver and what others (funders, agencies, volunteers...) want and are potentially willing to join us in achieving. "Marketing" is the process of creating new opportunities for connecting our vision with people who can fund it. It is about...

  • Being in new conversations.
  • Connecting with people and organizations outside our traditional circle.
  • Being able to describe our program's vision in ways that are exciting to people committed to related missions (health care, housing, jobs, public safety...).
  • Being able to listen for what other people care about.
  • Knowing how to make requests, proposals, offers...that connect others' vision with ours.

Marketing is at the center of our work.

It is a major focus of our approach to strategic planning, the first step of which is creating a vivid description of what a program is, who its people are, what assets it has and what it committed to becoming in the future.

It is a recurring theme in our approach to outcomes measurement and program assessment. Being able to describe a program's results (outcomes) in ways that others find compelling is a powerful asset for marketing a program to new partners, funders and supporters. We work with legal services funders -- and now with our OurStory package, directly with legal services programs -- to create materials telling the legal services story in a bigger, bolder, broader context than most programs have ever before attempted.

We are about creating Full Access systems. Strategic marketing is a crucial ingredient.

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