Spring 2010:
Preserving Funding... Promoting Great Programs... Preparing for the Upturn

How Economic Impact Data Can Help Make the Case For More Legal Aid Funding
Legal Aid leaders use our numbers to improve their odds in the raging budget storms.
Legal Needs Assessment: "Why Bother?"
A program in Pennsylvania engages stakeholders to secure more dollars, launch new projects and diversify funding.
Grantee Summaries: Helping Funders Highlight Their Investments.
IOLTA programs and other funders shine a spotlight on organizations that make a difference.
IOLTA Revenue Enhancement: Is Now Really the Time to Dig In?
Leading IOLTA programs aggressively position themselves to harness the forthcoming economic recovery.

Winter 2009-10:
IOLTA, Legal Aid, and Access-to-Justice Leadership Topics

IOLTA Revenue Enhancement: The Time Is Now!
Now is the time to be in action, and prepare for rates to rebound.
Bank Compliance Monitoring
A Huge Return on Investment for IOLTA Programs with Rate Comparability
Leadership Bank Programs
A Timely Initiative for Increasing IOLTA Revenues During the Economic Crisis
Making The Case For Legal Aid & Its Economic Benefits
With IOLTA Revenues Down, Access-to-Justice Communities Are Looking at New Revenue Streams
Measuring Outcomes of Legal Aid Programs
Part of the Case for Legal Aid: "We Get Results that Benefit Everyone."
Legal Needs Assessment
A Tool for Getting More Dollars and Delivering More and Better Services

Monitoring Banks' Compliance with Rate Comparability:
Duty and Opportunity

IOLTA interest rate comparability provides a powerful tool for expanding access to civil justice in your state. Learn more about how The Resource can help your IOLTA program increase its annual revenue by two to five times its current level. (Acrobat file, 101Kb)

Article about program evaluation

This article is about program evaluation as a tool for Equal Justice. The four leaders featured here -- Mark Braley, Bob Clyde, Judy Garlow and Rick Teitelman -- talk about accountability, quality, effectiveness and growth -- topics right at the heart of the mission of every state justice community. (Acrobat file, 103Kb)

Other Important Topics:

IOLTA Revenue Enhancement - The Time is Now!
We have never seen a time when IOLTA revenue enhancement has been more needed - or more promising.

Program-Owned Evaluation -
Four Recent Evaluations Show That Much Can Be Done At Low Cost.

Needs Assessments - They Don't Need to Be Expensive.
By using a combination of focus groups, facilitated work sessions and analysis of already-existing needs survey and population data, The Resource makes comprehensive needs assessments more affordable than ever before.

Strategic Marketing -
It's Annual Report Time for "Fiscal Year" Programs.
Five Ways to Use the "OurStory" Package To Promote Your Equal Justice Agenda.

Leadership and Evaluation -
Recent Case Studies Showcase Legal Aid Leadership Styles and the Evaluation Tools that Enable Them.

Training Opportunities in Late October -
Come to Traverse City; Learn about Strategic Marketing and Program Evaluation.

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