Legal Services for the poor:
The Capacity to Provide “Full Access”
is Within Our Reach!

Equal access to justice doesn't just happen. It is something the community
has to work at.

Access to the justice system is the foundation of our society and a requirement for a healthy community. "Access to justice" is access to information on rights and responsibilities, access to an attorney, access to the courts. The justice system builds community and enables commerce and fosters civility. It is a tool that enables people to be effective in society. Everyone has to have access for it to work. Without access we get dysfunctional behavior, chaos and stagnation...

We see [the poor] go to the community "Well of Justice" and come up with an empty bucket. Because we see it we have to fix it.

Today the goal has to be full access to justice: every poor person with a legitimate civil legal problem can get the assistance they need.

Bill Haley, Executive Director
Legal Services of South Central Tennessee
From Preface to the Tennessee State Plan,July, 20, 2000


for great legal services programs

Full Access
to Justice
is our central mission.


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