We power 27 great IOLTA programs with great software!

In 2009, we acquired The Software Factory and its IOLTA2 database software from founder Roger Lilavois, and made it a division of The Resource for Great Programs. Day-to-day technical support for our customers is provided by analysts Kelly Thayer and Kathy Garwold with programming support by Steve Cleary. In 2010, our team issued an IOLTA2 upgrade that makes it even better, faster and more user-friendly than ever.

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The Software Factory's IOLTA2 Software is used by the leading IOLTA programs across North America to:

  1. Enter or import bank remittance reports from banks in multiple formats (.txt, .csv, .tab) and more than a dozen layouts used by leading banks.

  2. Run and export built-in and custom reports to confirm daily bank deposits, track deposit history, identify non-remitting banks and accounts, analyze law firm contributions, and keep your IOLTA board and staff informed about the status of revenues received from banks.

  3. Initiate ACH transactions of remitted interest.

  4. Send email or faxes to bank contacts.

  5. Monitor bank compliance with interest rate comparability, no-negative-netting, admissible fees, and other requirements.

  6. Track attorney and law firm participation and import their updated information.




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