The Resource
At the
2006 NLADA Annual Conference
in Charlotte, NC!

Our booth in the Exhibitor area at NLADA Annual Conference, November 8-11, 2006 in Charlotte was a busy place. Ken Smith, Susan Lucas, Kathy Garwold, Kelly Thayer and Matt Weber, all of The Resource, were available to listen and learn about people's work, answer their questions about the topics in which we have expertise (see below) and brainstorm with folks about how to address issues and opportunities arising in our current projects.

Conference workshops. The program of the Conference included three workshops we presented for Conference participants. Contact us if you'd like copies of the materials we distributed or would like to discuss any of these topics:

  • IOLTA. We led a workshop on Maximizing Dollars for Your State Justice Community By Applying Powerful New IOLTA Revenue Enhancement Strategies.
  • Outcome Measurement and Program-Owned Evaluation. We presented a workshop on Great Programs and How We Know Them.
  • Community Legal Needs Assessment . We reviewed the tools being used and presented practical examples of recently-completed legal needs assessments to show how this work can help program leaders to produce better performance on mission, more dollars and greater community understanding and support.

Topics for Seminars or Coaching:
Click on the links below to see more details about our work in these subject areas.




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