Training Opportunities in Late October
Come to Traverse City; Learn about Strategic Marketing and Program Evaluation

October 28-30 -- Strategic Marketing of Civil Justice Programs. Every program or project can benefit by applying a more strategic approach in its resource development efforts. In this workshop, 8-20 civil justice professionals will apply the tools of "Strategic Marketing" to the specific situation of their programs and projects. Participants will tackle several key questions: "What benefits does my program deliver, and to whom? What powerful strategies are other similarly-situated programs using to market these benefits to new "audiences," transforming them into funders and partners?

October 30-November 1 -- Outcome Measures / Program-Owned Evaluation. This workshop will address three questions: What results (outcomes) are we seeking in our work? How can we measure them ? How can we double them? Participants will explore the use of powerful evaluation tools as a strategic approach for dramatically improving results for clients. And they will learn how outcome measures can help them increase funding by telling a more compelling "story" to the decision-makers who control purse strings including legislators, bar leaders, the judiciary and local community leaders.

Stay an extra day and explore Northern Michigan. See why Traverse City has earned a national reputation as a great resort destination. Depending on interest, we will arrange a Leelanau County winery tour and Crystal River float trip on October 30 and again on November 1 for people who want to relax after the workshops are over.

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