Article about program evaluation

This article is about program evaluation as a tool for Equal Justice. The four leaders featured here -- Mark Braley, Bob Clyde, Judy Garlow and Rick Teitelman -- talk about accountability, quality, effectiveness and growth -- topics right at the heart of the mission of every state justice community. (Acrobat file, 103Kb)

Other Important Topics:

IOLTA Revenue Enhancement - The Time is Now!
We have never seen a time when IOLTA revenue enhancement has been more needed - or more promising.

Program-Owned Evaluation -
Four Recent Evaluations Show That Much Can Be Done At Low Cost.

Needs Assessments - They Don't Need to Be Expensive.
By using a combination of focus groups, facilitated work sessions and analysis of already-existing needs survey and population data, The Resource makes comprehensive needs assessments more affordable than ever before.

Strategic Marketing -
It's Annual Report Time for "Fiscal Year" Programs.
Five Ways to Use the "OurStory" Package To Promote Your Equal Justice Agenda.

Leadership and Evaluation -
Recent Case Studies Showcase Legal Aid Leadership Styles and the Evaluation Tools that Enable Them.

Training Opportunities in Late October -
Come to Traverse City; Learn about Strategic Marketing and Program Evaluation.

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