Enhance Effectiveness by Measuring Legal Needs

And Use the Data to Expand Resources!

A successful legal needs assessment boosts your legal aid program's or state justice community's reach and sharpens your focus. Our approach provides a clearer measure of existing and emerging client needs, forges new partnerships, fosters fresh initiatives for meeting identified need - and identifies opportunities for new resource development initiatives.

We can help...

  • Design a process to involve all major stakeholders in appraising the legal needs of your service area's eligible low-income population.
  • Assist your program in applying proven methodologies for collecting information and tabulating results.
  • Engage ALL stakeholders in the process, including clients, partner organizations, the private bar, the judiciary, government, businesses, foundations, and program staff and board.
  • Facilitate conversations among leadership and stakeholder groups leading to powerful strategic initiatives for addressing identified needs.

We get results by...

  • Performing an initial scan. We will talk with key leaders and staff to obtain their perspectives on current needs and appropriate ways of obtaining further information about them.
  • Analyzing your service area's demographic and survey data. We will scrutinize the client-eligible population to reveal geographic concentrations, emerging trends, and potential areas of focus and apply our statistical model to pre-existing population data to help sharpen the focus and minimize the cost of further data collection.
  • Conducting personal interviews. We can perform key observer and community partner telephone interviews, or coach your staff to conduct the interviews, using scripted guides
  • Helping you carry out a survey of eligible low-income people. We can help you to create a scientifically valid survey instrument and sampling design that you can either implement yourself or contract with us to carry out.
  • Holding focus group sessions. We will design, and if desired, facilitate focus group sessions with representatives of your stakeholder groups, or train your staff to conduct them.
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions. We will help your program or state justice community develop fundable strategic initiatives addressing newly indentified, priority legal needs of your client population.

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