Strategic Scorecard
Self Assessment Package
will steer your Access to Justice agenda.

Civil justice program leaders now have a powerful new diagnostic and program development tool: the "Strategic Scorecard" self assessment package.

Every program has assets and strengths that give it the potential to increase access to justice, improve quality and attract more support than it is getting now.

And every program faces challenges which, if they could be overcome, provide keys to becoming even more powerful as a force for meeting the legal needs of disadvantaged and low income people in the community.

Leveraging strengths and addressing critical challenges with powerful "best practice" solutions are what the "Strategic Scorecard" self assessment package is all about.


1. An assessment of your key assets...
The Strategic Scorecard delivers an objective inventory of your strengths, providing you with:

  • A powerful story to tell to potential funders, supporters and partners, for attracting more money, more volunteers, more community support.
  • Good stories for marketing the program: in news releases, newsletters and your annual report.
  • Enhanced pro bono and staff recruitment: concrete examples showcasing your program as a place where exciting things are happening.
  • Staff and board motivation and morale: a celebration of success; an acknowledgment of areas where your program is performing as a model of quality and high performance.
  • A platform for future expansion and growth: an inventory of program assets that can be replicated and grown going forward.

2. A road map for addressing challenges...
The Strategic Scorecard provides a constructive diagnosis of your opportunities for program development:

  • Key issues highlighted: "bottleneck" problems - the overcoming of which would provide immediate gains in access, outcomes and effectiveness.
  • Expert advice and constructive solutions - suggestions for obtaining replicable "best-practice" models enabling you to serve more people with better success and less stress using the same resources.
  • Peer consultants identified - contacts with leaders who have solved similar issues in their own communities and can serve as mentors to help you implement models that work.

The "Strategic Scorecard" Self Assessment Package
delivers three products to you:

1. A comprehensive "Desk Review" by our experts using your data (which you provide to us via our user-friendly questionnaire), supplemented by interviews with you and your staff as needed, and our data base of national program benchmarks and best-practice models we use in our work performing assessments of civil justice programs.

2. A written summary report highlighting the opportunities for expanding access, increasing resources and improving quality that have been surfaced by the Desk Review, as well as the areas in which your program has established innovative and outstanding approaches to common issues facing civil justice programs nationwide.

3. A briefing for program leaders, funding agencies, community partners and board members -- a conversation exploring possibilities for achieving breakthroughs in resource development, service delivery and/or leadership.

We also can provide additional support as a follow-up:

4. Peer review site visit (optional) -- focusing on issues and opportunities identified by the Desk Review.

5. Follow-up coaching (optional) -- providing ongoing assistance and support to program leaders in implementing the results of the assessment, including strategic planning, outcomes measurement, executive development for members of your management team, and other support you may require to maximize impact and outcomes for the community you serve.

Uses for the Strategic Scorecard
Self Assessment Support Package:

  • Program improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Foundation for program reconfiguration planning
  • Preparation for evaluation by funding agency
  • Staff and leadership development
  • Strategic marketing and financial planning
  • Problem solving on specific issues identified by program leaders
  • State Funders: Contact us for details regarding our program assessment services.

Cost: We will be happy to provide cost estimates for the Strategic Scorecard package or for optional services such as on-site work or follow-up coaching -- Contact us.

State Funders: Contact us for details regarding our program assessment services.

Training: Click here for details about our Program Assessment workshops.

The Strategic Scorecard Support Package is...

  • A diagnostic you can apply as a leader to leverage more impact from existing resources
  • A source of benchmark data - objective, constructive, reliable - documenting your program's strengths, assets and achievements as well as areas where there are opportunities for growth through program improvement.
  • Expert advice about how your existing assets can be deployed more effectively for greater impact on clients and the community;
  • Actionable information on "best practice" solutions and replicable models already at work in civil justice programs across the country for addressing the key issues blocking your path to greater impact.
  • A great way to launch strategic marketing - the "OurStory" Strategic Marketing Package can be produced using the information coming out of the Strategic Scorecard analysis - contact us for details about the OurStory package.


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