Strategic Marketing Package
will leverage your fundraising, recruitment and promotional efforts.

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We have upgraded our powerful communications toolkit: the "OurStory" strategic marketing package.
We are offering it directly to legal services programs, using the technologies and national databases we apply in our work with national and state legal services funders. More

The key to developing more sustainable funding is being able to deliver a compelling "story" to potential funders and partners about the value your program can deliver that promotes their vital interests.

Every program has a powerful story. But too often it is hidden in the day-to-day work. We aren't telling it. Often, we aren't even seeing it.

The OurStory strategic marketing package is about surfacing and telling your program's story. It is more than glossy materials. It is a creative process for capturing and describing the value your program is delivering to specific stakeholders who control the resources you need.

The package we develop with you includes powerful tools you can use to expand resources
for your program.

1. A "Results and Capabilities" report - an eight to twelve page report with compelling text and graphics. We provide you with a first draft and, after your review, a final camera-ready draft ready for printing.
You can order optional, one-page inserts for highighting specific messages to individually targeted audiences, such as legislators or county elected officials, to whom you send the report.

2. (New!) A brochure for your program - A condensed piece outlining the major themes from the report, packaged in an economical, self-mailer with eye-catching graphics and compelling text.

3. (New!) Target Audience brochures - With these trifold (or folded, 11 x 17) brochures you can send targeted messages to specific stakeholders who control the resources you need — for example, state legislators, local officials or bar leaders.

4. (New!) A Web-ready version ready for posting on your web site. If you do not have a web site, or access to a statewide web site, we can post your report on ours, making your message instantly accessible to a vast audience of potential funders, partners and stakeholders. It keeps your message alive throughout the year, unlike traditional paper reports that get filed away or "recycled" after you have spent thousands of dollars on layout, printing and postage.

What does it take?
Fewer dollars and less staff time
than you'd invest in a traditional Annual Report.**

Because we work with so many civil justice programs (over 400 per year), we already have a big head start on developing the themes that make up a compelling story about your program. We have templates and graphics we can use to make the OurStory process dramatically more cost effective for your program than starting from scratch with a traditional communications firm. Moreover, we can provide coaching and technical assistance on application of these materials to make your resource development efforts more powerful and more successful. Please contact us for price sheets and samples of completed OurStory materials.

Contact us today for details and sample OurStory reports.

** NY, FL, AZ and TX: Cost will be significantly less for IOLA, IOTA and IOLTA/BCLS grantees, from whom we already receive most of the data needed for the OurStory report.

VA, and PA: State funders have agreed to subsidize the cost of OurStory reports for their grantees.
Contact us for details.

State Funders: Costs may be significantly less as part of an annual program assessment
support package like the ones we provide for funders in several states. Contact us for details regarding our information processing services.

The OurStory Package Saves Precious Staff Time.

What you do:

  • Participate in a focused interview process.
  • Send the OurStory questionnaire to us along with a copies of your latest case statistics and activity reports you've already prepared for your principal funding agencies.
  • Review & comment on drafts of OurStory materials..

We do the time-consuming stuff.

  • Synthesize your information into compelling text and graphics highlighting the major themes of your program's mission and accomplishments.
  • Engage you in a review process that produces a great report with minimal time investment by you and your staff.
  • Deliver to you camera-ready hard copy and electronic, Web-ready files ready for distribution in your annual report, newsletter, campaign brochures, funding proposals and Web pages.




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