Program Assessment
Support Package
for Funders

Our Core Support Package enables funders to leverage the efforts of their small staffs and busy volunteer board members. It . . .

  • Enables a funder to enjoy the strategic benefits of a state-of-the-art, continually-improving program assessment capacity without expanding in-house staff or shifting staff resources away from the critical functions of program oversight, development and support.
  • Maximizes the results from the funder's investment in data collection and reporting activities.
  • Provides tangible benefits to grantees yielding large returns on the investment of time they are required to make in compliance with reporting requirements.

Summary of Services:

  • Annually update data collection instruments to reflect evolving priorities of the client and to incorporateconstant improvementswe are making in program assessment methods.
  • Provide electronic versions of instruments for use by grantees.
  • Annually screen, clean up and summarize the grantee report data being submitted by the funder's grantees.
  • Produce a package of high-impact strategic marketing products for use in strategic marketing of the program at local, state and national levels.
  • Deliver "clean" data tables (Lotus, Excel or other convenient format) to the client for use in programmatic analysis and improvement efforts.
  • Provide "Help Desk" support on reporting and program assessment issues to client staff and their grantees.

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