IOLTA Revenue Enhancement
is a Critical Task.

Managing banking relationships in a way that maximizes IOLTA revenue while respecting the legitimate interests of participating financial institutions is one of the most important responsibilities of an IOLTA program.

We support you. An effective IOLTA revenue optimization effort can multiply an IOLTA program’s revenue stream by factor of two to four. We can provide the technical support you need to make that happen. We’ve done it for IOLTA programs in several states and we can do it for yours.

We pioneered this field. And we continue to lead it.

  • 1992. With funding from the Ford Foundation, we designed and produced the first national training on IOLTA Revenue Enhancement for the National Association of IOLTA Programs and the American Bar Association.
  • 1993. We partnered with the IOLA Fund of NY to launch the nation’s first IOLTA revenue enhancement campaign.
  • 1994 to present. We helped the Florida Bar Foundation launch the IOLTA revenue enhancement program that has become the model for the nation. We continue to be the Foundation’s strategic and analytical advisors.
  • 2004 to present. We’ve been engaged to help with IOLTA revenue enhancement campaigns in states including Virginia, Connecticut, New York, Michigan, California, South Carolina, Colorado, Utah, Texas and Maine.  The cumulative dollar impact of the campaigns for which we provided technical support passed nine figures in early 2007.

We are innovators. With our IOLTA partners, we have pioneered tools and methods now serving as best-practice models for IOLTA programs across the country. We’ve spoken at dozens of training conferences and authored numerous papers on IOLTA revenue enhancement.

What makes our help effective:

  • We have the experience. We’ve dealt with hundreds of banks. We know the obstacles they face and can provide solutions. With our help, you can present them with feasible options for aligning their IOLTA products with new requirements.
  • We have the tools. We can quickly adapt our methods and templates from other campaigns to help you hit the ground running.
  • We have the capacity. We have a staff of seven devoted to this work, with expertise ranging from legal and banking analysis to managing data and communications from hundreds of banks.
  • We give you flexibility. You can get a little bit of help from us or a lot. We bolster the skills and capacity of your staff by providing exactly the amount of help you need, when you need it, enabling a small IOLTA staff to run an effective revenue enhancement campaign while maintaining attention to other important programs for which it is responsible.
  • We maximize your results. During negotiations, the data we provide shows exactly how many dollars each proposal means for IOLTA. You negotiate from strength to reach the best possible result.
  • We’re cost-effective. Time is money. Quicker implementation of IOLTA rate increases can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your program’s revenue stream. Delays can cost a comparable amount. By equipping you to move quickly and apply the most efficient tools and methods, we deliver a great return on your investment.

Our mission is your mission. We’ve been working for 30 years to expand Access to Justice. This is our business...and our life’s work.


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